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     Sigmapi Systems: Industrial and Marine Automated Control and Monitoring
Sigmapi: Flexible Innovative Design

We at Sigmapi Systems are passionate about engineering and being able to apply solid engineering principles together with flair and innovation to solve industrial and marine problems.

Over the years, we have designed and built a variety of systems to help solve problems in many different industries and we are proud of our achievements. For example, we developed environmental monitoring and control systems for use in the food industry (and had to replace the existing system while it was controlling 60 stores of fruit), cryogenic facilities (a dual-redundant system monitoring very sensitive samples such as DNA), white goods manufacturing (gas and electric oven test bays) and the marine industry (cargo hold temperature monitoring and control, compressor control, refrigerant monitoring). We produced image-processing systems for researchers to help with investigations into combating malaria (enabling the team to get many papers published on their work). We used machine vision to help identify defective goods on conveyor belts in the food industry (reducing the amount of wasted processing and scrap product). We developed high-speed data acquisition systems to grab data on welding stations in the automotive industry (which highlighted errors in station set-up and subsequently reduced scrap by significantly improving the welds).

This is just a small selection of the systems we have produced click on any of the industry sectors above to find out more!

Latest News:

12/05/11: Sigmapi Technical Director Peter Cheetham invited to give IMechE lecture on LowStir. Download flyer for more details.

27/01/10: LowStir Mk.2 Friction Stir Welder launched. See LowStir website for more details.

31/12/09: ArcticLynx Marine Temperature Monitoring and Control System receives USDA type approval.

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