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Over the years, Sigmapi Systems have worked with many large companies to help them improve welding processes.

Our weld monitoring unit (WeldWatch) was developed to capture key parameters during the butt welding process and to enable engineers to analyse and improve the performance of their welding stations. According to Andrew Beer (Welding Engineer, GKN Wheels), "due to the high capture rates, it has been possible to diagnose equipment faults prior to complete failure as well as detect weld procedure faults not visible to the naked eye". In fact, the original version was so successful that, (Beer states) “the unit paid for itself three times over in the first month of use because the analysis of the welds highlighted problems with welding stations." Subsequent versions of the WeldWatch unit have enhanced its performance and added the benefit of being able to define working parameters for each machine range from which good welds can be expected.

Weld Monitoring Systems

In 2004, Sigmapi was invited to join a consortium, led by TWI, to develop a new low-cost friction stir weld unit. Friction stir welding is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, rail and ship building industries. However, the aim of this research project was to make friction stir welding more accessible to small to medium sized companies. In 2006, we led the marketing of the resultant Lowstir product and since then have sold it to companies across the world. Towards the end of 2007, we were commissioned by BAE Systems to develop a wireless version. According to BAE engineer, Andy Wescott, “the ability to ‘go wireless’ has provided a huge advantage over the previous technology. Not having to worry about trailing cables to the laptop reduces setup time and makes measurements during welding very straightforward.” What was once a highly specialised measurement using equipment costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds, is now a relatively inexpensive process using equipment available in most engineering workshops, all driven by easy to use software.

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