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Sigmapi Systems have produced monitoring and control systems for ripening rooms, chiller rooms, and cold stores: from simple temperature monitoring of a few Pt100 sensors to full environmental control of multiple cold stores. Our systems control compressors, coolers, and fans, and monitor temperatures, gas levels, and humidity. Full logging of alarms and alarm acknowledgements are stored electronically and/or printed out with our master station option.
In other sectors, we can add monitoring and alarm systems to existing equipment to give early indication of faults, to aid fault-finding or to improve product quality.

Examples include:
  • image processing systems to monitor product going by on a conveyor belt to determine whether or not to reject faulty items, precisely position depositing nozzles, check alignment, or detect missing product
  • emissions monitoring systems to continuously log emissions levels and alarm when over range
  • tank level monitoring with low-low, low, high, and high-high alarm levels

If you would like to find out more, please click on the appropriate ‘Products & Services’ link. Alternatively, contact us to discuss your exact requirements.

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